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CBD Recipes: CBD Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes

Strawberry lemonade cupcakes are the perfect snack to make for a party or during summer, and the best part about this recipe is that you can add CBD to it. This CBD Strawberry Lemonade Cupcake recipe is easy to make and within a short amount of time you will have some refreshing and fluffy cupcakes waiting to be devoured. Grab everything that you need below and get started on making your own.

What You Need:

Box of vanilla cake mix
1/2 cup strawberries
CBDistillery CBD Vape Oil
1-3 large eggs
1 cup of water
2 TBSP lemon zest

Add some Redcon1 MRE protein to intensify these cupcakes and up your protein intake!

The best part about this recipe is that it is incredibly easy to make. Get started by reading the instructions carefully that are listed on the back of your vanilla cake mix and whip everything together that you need to in order to make your cupcakes. This means you will need to grab the egg, get your cold water or oil, and butter etc, whatever the recipe calls for that you need to add.

Open the bag up that contains your cake materials, flour etc, and gather what you are going to need before getting ready to pour it all together at once. After you have all of your ingredients together in the mixer or the bowl and you are mixing everything then you can feel free to add in your strawberries in as well, and then next you will want to add your CBD oil. Add your egg or eggs and whatever else the recipe might have called for on your vanilla cake mix box. You might also opt for a strawberry cake box instead of using the vanilla cake mix if you prefer to have more of a distinct strawberry flavor overall with your CBD strawberry lemonade cupcakes that you are making. You can emphasize that flavor in the frosting as well.

While that is all mixing together, or before you even get started on the mixing, you can pre heat your oven to 350 and get your cupcake pan ready. Grab your lemon zest and sprinkle that into your cupcake mix and give it one more stir. If you feel that you have mixed it enough and there are no lumps in that mixture then you can move on to baking it. Once you have mixed everything together then spread the mixture out into the cupcake pan. Bake the cupcakes for 40 minutes in the oven at 350 and use a toothpick toward the end, stick it in to see if the cupcakes are done yet. If it does not come out clean then they might need some more time. Whip up yourself some lemonade or strawberry frosting to go on top with them and make it CBD frosting too if you would like extra CBD for the snack and overall recipe. It’s easy to make, no fuss to clean up, and overall you should be able to get at least 10 to 12 cupcakes or more.