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CBD Recipes: CBD Ejuice Mango Fat Bombs

Fat bombs are a delicious snack when you are looking for some healthy fat and want to kick those cravings. Mango CBD ejuice can kick it up a notch! You might be used to going for chips and chocolate bars, but CBD ejucie fat bombs are the perfect alternative. You can easily whip up quite a few CBD ejuice fat bombs and have them sitting in your freezer for days, prepping your snacks well in advance and saving you a great deal of time. This CBD mango vape e liquid fat bomb recipe is delicious and perfect to make any time during the year. Follow the instructions below to make your very own delicious CBD mango ejuice fat bombs.

What You Will Need

Silicone mold for fat bombs
1/2 cup of sliced mango
2 TBSP coconut oil
True Best CBD vape ejuice, mango flavored
1/2 cup cream cheese
2 TBSP sweetener

To make protein mango fat bombs, add some Redcon1 MRE protein to the mix!

Get out your bowl that you are going to use for your mixing, and put all of the ingredients together. If you do not want to use a bowl then you can opt for using your mixer to do the job instead. This means putting the mangoes, the sweetener, and the cream cheese. Pour in your CBD vape e liquid and your coconut oil, and give everything a good mix. Using a mixer is going to help you to get a better blend and it doesn’t take very long at all, only a few seconds. Once you have that all blended together then you can spoon the mixture into your silicone mold and pop the CBD ejuice fat bombs into the freezer. Within a couple hours you will have a perfect snack. This is great to make ahead of time when you have friends coming over or you want to have some movie snacks. Fat bombs are the perfect way to get your snack fix and it can help you to get your CBD oil fix as well with one quick bite or two. The entire process, not including the freezer time, only takes 15 minutes or less. It is the perfect snack whenever you want something fruity and full of healthy fat. Once you are done putting everything into the freezer then the only thing left is the cleanup. Overall you should be able to make at least 15-20 fat bombs or more depending on how big your silicone mold is for them.

The best thing about CBD ejuice fat bombs is that you do not need to mess with the oven or frying pan to cook anything. You can simply assemble everything together and save yourself a great deal of time in doing so. This is the best and quickest snack to make when you want something sweet and the recipe can be easily adjusted to add more or less into it. You can swap out the mango and easily replace that with any other flavor that you might be craving, cream cheese goes well with a number of flavors. True Best CBD has CBD vape e liquid in mango, mint, grape or strawberry lemonade. But if you are a fan of mango and want a refreshing snack, then this CBD ejuice mango fat bomb recipe is one worth trying. Enjoy!